Softcare enables human service agencies to increase service performance, for the benefit of their clients, using intelligence gleaned from their own service records.
Service intelligence helps agencies to find answers to questions like:
  • How much practitioner effort was required to enable clients like this new one to reach a successful outcome?
  • How frequently, for how long, over what period of time would a specific practitioner, or team of practitioners, have to work with this client, for a successful outcome?
  • What is the probability that this pattern of service will enable this client to depart from service, no longer needing the help they came for?

Answers to questions like these, and many others, lie within the record of experience of an agency, if that record has been built with consistency and purpose.

Softcare technology provides a scalable, standardized, interactive foundation for agencies to build records of valid and reliable service data, yielding critical service intelligence. Agency practitioners and supervisors can make more informed service decisions, increasing the volume and effect of services, enabling more clients to depart service, no longer needing the help they came for. By increasing service performance, agencies increase the impact of their services and the value of client care.

In addition to technology, Softcare provides services enabling agencies to better exploit technology:

  • building standardized service taxonomies
  • training users and administrators
  • defining policies of data access, entry, retrieval and use
  • assuring data validity and security, for compliance reporting
  • measuring and reporting service performance and the value of benefit for clients.

Solutions mean results, measured in increased Effort, Effect and Impact, as illustrated for one agency, in the chart below. program-effort-by-year

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