What is a B-Corp?

A B-Corp is a form of corporation for public benefit.

Unlike non-profits, B-Corps are shareholding corporations, operating for profit.

Like non-profits, B-Corps are committed to generating public benefit.

Unlike non-profits, B-Corps pay income tax, and trade on their equity.

While some non-profits may operate this way, all B-Corps use the power of business to generate public benefit, and must publish benefit reports, describing the measure of public benefit they generate, from year to year.

Public benefit is a result of B-Corps’ business models generating social, economic and environmental benefits to enhance? environmental protection, community economic development, and human services.

Whether their business operations protect the environment, develop community economies, or improve human services, B-Corps generate public benefit.



Softcare has been certified by B Lab, an independent, non-profit organization based in the United States.

Softcare is a for-profit corporation with an established practice of generating public benefit through business activity. B Lab has certified Softcare, following a rigorous assessment of Softcare’s social impact, using criteria applied to businesses around the globe. The table, below, shows the B Lab assessment results with Softcare.


Softcare’s B-Corp Commitment

The Softcare practice of using the power of business to generate public benefit is company policy. Shareholders and management confirm the commitment of the corporation to continuing public benefit. Softcare performance of this commitment is reported in the annual Benefit Report.