Increasing service productivity adds value to the care and effect provided by human service agencies. Increasing service effort and effect increases service impact. Increasing staff effort makes more service available to help clients reach their individual goals, with no corresponding increase in funding or staffing. Increasing staff effect enables more clients to reach more of their goals per hour of staff effort, again, with no corresponding increase in funding or staffing. More progressive change in client condition per period enables more clients to depart service sooner, no longer needing the help they came for. Changes in effort, effect and impact, from period to period, reflect changes in service productivity. Increasing these measures, from period to period, reflects continuing improvement in the use of available agency funding, adding benefit for clients and value of care.

Productivity adds value to care. An agency spending $6.5 million to sustain its services, doubled the value of its care over five years. Increases in effort added $2.02 million in client care; in effect, $3.8 million in changes in client condition; and in impact, $1.2 million in clients successfully departing service, as illustrated in the chart, below. service-productivity

Over a period of six years, $6.5 million in funding was used by an agency that added $7 million in the value of new benefits for clients, doubling the agency’s value of care.