CaseManager is a business application developed specifically for the management of human services at the levels of case, service, and program. It addresses common service processes performed by practitioners at the level of an individual case, like registering a client, determining eligibility, assessing needs, setting goals, and planning for and providing services appropriate to each client. It builds on case-specific records to address service administration processes performed by supervisors, like assigning cases to practitioners, approving client eligibility and benefits, and overseeing case recording, enabling the agency to prepare reliable, compliance reports for funders. It aids program managers to assess service performance with standard and ad hoc reports on service process, client progress and client outcome at departure.

CaseManager combines standardized and open-text service data entered by staff, and secures the information contained in forms used for internal and inter-agency correspondence, to form a complete record of client services. CaseManager enables practitioners to set and evaluate individual client goals, and schedule and record their work with clients. The type, length, and frequency of practitioner sessions with their clients generates an agency-wide view of the process of services with clients. Continuing evaluation of changes in individual goal condition, and overall client condition on departure, generate a view of the effect of those sessions in client progress and outcome.

CaseManager has been tailored for use in child and family, community mental health, home care, addictions, corrections, social assistance and employment services.

For community mental health programs, CaseManager can be configured with standardized assessment protocols to record such things as, medical examinations and diagnoses, psycho-social characteristics, lab tests, and presenting problems, education and employment skills inventories. CaseManager is OCAN compliant, dredging more than half of the data required in this 900-field form from existing records maintained continuously by agency staff. Clients can be reassessed, six months later, in minutes.

For social assistance and employment services, CaseManager can be configured with standardized needs/means tests for the payment of financial assistance to clients and their families and direct payments to vendors. Administrators can make adjustments to benefits, claim for reimbursement, reconcile bank statements, and generate financial statements and transaction records for auditors. CaseManager seamlessly integrates employment services with financial assistance in programs like Ontario Works.

For child and family services, CaseManager can be configured with risk and needs assessments, registration of care homes, child placement, and the payment of caregivers for their services and allowances for children in their care. Administrators can pay clients and vendors directly, make adjustments in payments, claim for reimbursement, reconcile bank statements, and generate financial statements and transaction records for auditors. The administration of client financial support is seamlessly integrated with the management of prevention, protection and family support services.

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