Softcare® is a certified B-Corporation, based in Toronto, Canada. Using the power of business, Softcare enables non-profit agencies to improve the performance of their services.

Softcare technology and services help people employed by non-profit agencies to deliver more help, with greater effect, for people in need. Softcare helps publicly and charitably-funded, non-profit agencies, delivering services like child and family, community mental health, home care, addictions, corrections, social assistance and employment services, to increase their service and effect with clients, with no corresponding increase in their funding.

Softcare works hand-in-hand with human service agencies, putting the power of business to work for the benefit of clients

Dick Lightbown, Founder, President & CEO


Dick is an entrepreneur and innovator, believing that the power of business can enable non-profit healthcare and social service agencies increase the impact of their services with clients.

As a former social worker and certified management consultant, Dick shared the struggle to close the gap between the supply and demand for human services for many years. Embracing business measures and methods, and adapting technology to service delivery, Dick is an innovator in bringing the power of business to human services.

Dick leads Softcare Corporation, a B-Corp with a mission of shareholder, stakeholder and public benefit. In the last several years, Softcare has worked with a handful of agencies providing homecare, mental health, child and family, young offenders, addictions, social assistance and employment services. Softcare R&D has pioneered measures and methods, enabling public and charitably-funded human service agencies to increase their effort, effect and impact with clients. With no increase in their funding, participating agencies have been able to add $60 million in benefit for their clients.

There have never been enough resources to meet the demand for publicly and charitably-funded healthcare and social services that form one of the pillars of a humane society. Examining how we use available funding can sometimes have more reaching effect than asking for more.

A resident of several provinces and states over the years, Dick makes his home once more in Toronto.

Frank Coliviras, Chief Technology Officer


Frank has been successfully bridging the gap between business and technology throughout his career. His experience spans technology, real estate, finance and international trading.

Frank entered the high tech field in 1994 as a software developer, building software for multi-user, high volume transaction customers. Subsequently, he launched a software company and offered business applications, system design and software solutions to the financial industry and government clients in Canada and the US.

Along the way he launched a handful of technology companies and was exposed to the unstructured nature of start-ups and the highly co-ordinated processes of corporate environments.

Software should always be designed from the user’s perspective. Simple enough concept, but it is the easiest thing to lose sight of when building complicated applications with multiple touch points, robust security and scalability. Ultimately, simplicity is what makes software great. When the technology disappears, that’s when we have done our job right.

Mr. Coliviras has held senior management positions over the years and has served on advisory and executive boards. He has had extensive interaction with customers and suppliers around the world, has operated in foreign environments and has thrived in his challenging and varied business ventures.

Frank has applied technology to financial services, health, education, real estate, hospitality and communications verticals, to name a few. His ventures have taken him to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and across North America.

You can contact Frank by email, on find him on Linkedin, Twitter or his Digital Marketing Blog.

John Gargani, Chief Impact Officer


Over the past 20 years, John’s work as a program evaluator has taken him to diverse settings, including public housing projects, internationally recognized museums, countries adopting free market economies and 19th century sailing ships.

He has founded innovative social enterprises; directed large-scale randomized trials; created novel technologies that measure how people think; and developed measures that predict the future effectiveness of social and educational programs.

John is leading Softcare research that will enable healthcare and social service agencies to manage outcomes like the best 21st century organizations.

Traditionally, the evaluation of social services has been documenting history. How many people were served? How were their needs met? How did their lives change? But we can do more than that. Technology makes it possible to monitor the operations of agencies in real time. How many people are being served? How are their needs being met? In fact, technology makes it possible to predict future outcomes. How will people’s lives change if we take specific actions to help them?

When he is not helping nonprofit organizations, foundations, corporations, and government agencies achieve their social missions, he is writing about evaluation, sharing his thoughts at, teaching graduate classes on social entrepreneurship and program design, speaking at conferences around the world, and conducting workshops to train the next generation of evaluators.

John holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied measurement and evaluation; an M.S. in Statistics from New York University’s Stern School of Business; and an M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Tom Goff, Director and Manager, Client Services


Tom holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from McMaster University, and taught at Mount Allison University. Subsequently he worked as Director of Social Development for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Ontario Region, following which, he joined Softcare Corporation as a director and manager of client services.

Tom has worked with a wide range of human service agencies. His work has largely involved agency evaluation and the design of organization and operational changes aimed at increasing an agency’s capacity to achieve higher volumes of mandated outcomes with clients, despite typically limited resources.

Increasingly, this work has focused on the gradual replacement of paper-based recording/communication systems with electronic information/communication technologies. As manager of client services, Tom assists agencies:

  • to understand the potential of these technologies for increasing service efficiency and effectiveness;
  • to design and implement organization and operational changes necessary to realize that potential; and,
  • to use the data recorded to continuously monitor operations, and to evaluate the effect of services with clients.

Tom helps service agencies to define the scope of the service information they require, to differentiate structured and narrative data, to define service taxonomies, and to write standard reports on service output and client outcome.

Perry Clarke, Chief Programmer

Perry has worked as a network administrator, systems consultant, programmer, and manager for Softcare since 1987. Perry has designed and programmed several custom business applications and has led the development of commercial applications for Softcare. As a systems consultant, he has assisted human services clients with the integration of systems, supporting service delivery and administration.

Perry is a graduate of Lakehead University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in computer science.